Afro-Caribbean Body Movement & Isolations:

A.C.B.M Isolations is the fundamental practice of "Afro-Latin Funk". It is a system of exercises designed to develop range of motion, as well as fine control of the entire body. By isolating parts of the body and using them individually to repeat the characteristic movements of African based disciplines, this practice systematically conditions the body, section by section, to respond to music in the desired fashion.

Practiced consistently, A.C.B.M Isolations provides a separate time to deal with the body and feeling of Afro-Caribbean music, making the dancer much more receptive and adept in all other facets of their practice. It teaches the sequential structure of movement in coordination with sophisticated rhythmical structures to develop a high level of quality and musicality. This puts the dancer in a position to express themselves musically with every part of their body.

This two-hour workshop will cover:

• A brief introduction to Afro Latin Funk and the role it plays "Salsa" and Afro-Latin dance.

• A detailed, interactive breakdown of the major movement exercises used in Isolations training.

• A guided run-through of these exercises to music.

• And the Signature "dance through” sequence, in which we apply our training directly to the dance!

Afro-Caribbean Body Movement & Isolations practice can be applied to all types of Afro-Latin dance, and is beneficial for dancers of all genres, looking to tap into their body's potential for expression. Whether you are a social dancer, performer, or simply a student hungry for information, this introduction is sure to impact your development in movement and dance.

Workshop Details:

Sunday, Nov. 22nd
1:00 - 3:00pm

151 West 26th Street
Studio 601, 6th FL
New York, NY 10001

Price: $35 per person

Level: OPEN

For questions, further information, or to register in advance, please feel free to contact me here on Facebook or by email.

I look forward to seeing you soon! :-)