Celebrating their 2nd anniversary, SF Mambo is welcoming the return of mambo master Frankie Martinez along with fellow salsa instructor Lia Robertson! The weekend will feature two days' worth of intimate four-hour workshops and two great nights of social dancing with DJ Willie and DJ Hong (details TBA), but here's the details for the workshop itself!

4/9: 130pm-6pm. The Fundamental Practice (Isolation training concepts + exercises).
4/10: 130pm-6pm. Suelta La (African Rhythms) + Groove Time (Boogaloo Intensive).

TICKET PRICING (head's up: they sold out within two weeks last year!)
$79 for 1 day of workshop
$149 for 2 days of workshops

Paypal me@jeffreychang.com (money to friend or cover the CC cost please!) or cash to SF Mambo members to register for the workshop. We will cap the workshop at 40 people.

All workshops and socials will be held at Symbolic Dance & Fitness in the Mission District of San Francisco:
672 South Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94110

SF Mambo Collective webpage : http://www.sfmambo.com

Facebook Event page : https://www.facebook.com/events/226994307639883/


"The Fundamental Practice”

Thirteen years ago, Frankie Martinez developed a system of exercises to work on training the entire body for refined movement. Today, it is the core practice of the method of self improvement through dance, known as Afro-Latin Funk. It is how we refine the complex instrument we use, to find deeper levels of connecting to the music inherent in all of us. In this seminar, the philosophies and technical complexities will be explored in detail, to give even the novice a clear sense of the reasoning and progression of this type of training. The final two hour will be spent in meditative application of the discussed principles, as we silently move through the full practice that hundreds do under Frankie’s guidance, and have done for over thirteen years now. Addressing range and maturity of movement, fine isolated control, “Ground Generated Movement Theory", rhythmical phrasing across the gamete of African and Afro-Latin based dances, and much more!

"Suelta La” - African Rhythms in Latin Dance

The music we dance to is chock full of rhythms that do not fit neatly into the 123, 567 parameters we were all given as introductions to this dance. Recognizing these rhythms and understanding how to deal with them using our bodies is important in celebrating the cultural richness that is available to us in our art. If we could only open the door beyond 123, 567, what levels of expression could we find? How much more deeply could we find fulfillment and self expression? Join us in exploring these rhythms. Learn how to recognize them and the simple ways to express them in any situation. The musicians found value in using these different iterations of African based music to enliven the music we all love. It’s time we brought ourselves as dancers into that mindset, and became more conscious of the grandness that is Afro Latin music and dance.

"Groove time” - Boogaloo Intensive

In the 1960’s, Boogaloo and Latin Funk dominated Latin music. They were the voice of young, hip Puerto Ricans growing up in New York, alongside African Americans listening to Motown, Blues and R&B. For that brief moment in time, Boogaloo was king. And for these two hours, we are going to bring it back. Tons of music, tons of funky Cha Cha Cha and Guajira, and tons of fun! We will break down the feeling that is “Boogaloo" and how to use it, not only in this style of music, but in popular music today. The Boogaloo is still valid, and still one of the coolest ways to enjoy Afro Latin dance.