Arm work



We do not use the popular term "Styling" as it implies that we are using something separate to enhance the aesthetics of our expression. Because our entire practice revolves around aesthetic personal expression with the entire body, there is nothing left to be considered separate or decorative. Even our clothing ends up being part of this expression. We are literally practicing the subtle art of giving our arms and hands the type of expression they would have in conversation. This is of course is stylized, but the term "Styling" can lead to improper understanding and an unnatural, overly dramatic and contrived set of poses. For this reason we refer to this practice as gestures (movements that convey information and context).

Arm Work practice begins with a warm up, drilling the basic gesture fundamentals that comprise the core arm and hand movements. In time, this warm up will develop the dexterity and fluidity that will give the practitioner freedom to use their hands and arms precisely as they desire in the context of larger movements.

The instructional portion of class first deals with the footwork that will be used. After a break down of the footwork, arm work is then systematically added and described in detail. This practice directly deals with high-level coordination and develops the ability to deal with the body in a precise and sophisticated manner.

Arm Work Class Schedule

Friday:          Open Level - 8:00 - 9:00PM




5 Class Card (2 month exp.)    $100               $20.00

10 Class Card (3 month exp.)   $189              $18.90

20 Class Card (3 month exp.)  $350             $17.50

Individual group class “Drop-ins”  $25 per session.

For more information on class cards and pricing contact You Should Be Dancing..! Studios at 212-244-0011